Coach Dan A.
Lead vocals, harmonica

Dan comes from a very musical family where 8 track tapes of the Eagles, Credence Clear Water Revival, Bread, and many other great artists were blasted throughout the house regularly. Vacations (usually camping) and gatherings of friends almost always included Dan's father, Jim, breaking out his Yamaha acoustic guitar and playing for a few hours with the whole family singing. Now Dan and Jim trade off on the guitar and both of his brothers, Dave and Joe, also partake in delivering the vocals. 

Dan's connection to "94 Proof" stems from coaching WHPW football. Frank's son played for Dan for just about all of his Pop Warner years and Dan currently coaches Nirio Garcia Jr. Dan's excited to be a part of this great...wait, strike that... AWESOME group of people!

Nirio G.


Awesome bass chops

Small world that he happens to coach PW football with Dan our singer!

Rich D.

Drums and Percussion

Enjoy Every Sandwich!

Feels Burt Bacharach is vastly underrated

Gerard "Fitz" Fitzgerald

Sax, vocals

94 Proof's very talented Big Man! 

Throws awesome parties and is just a fun guy to have in the band, but please don't call him Gerald........

Ralph C.


We definitely need a better picture of our Ralphie!  

When we were getting ready to switch to an all guitar lineup, along came Ralph, and we're really glad he's a part of our group. He totally adds a new level of sound, as well as songs we would never have considered  playing.  Check out "Low Spark" on our "Stuff" page! 

Frankie C.

Lead Guitar

Born and raised in South Beach on Staten Island; one of the original "South Beach Boys" and "BB" football team players.

Considers himself a rhythm guitarist who can pull off  some pretty cool leads.  Catch him between sets, buy him a beer, and prepare yourself for a trip down memory lane....

Favorite saying:

"In God we trust, all others pay cash"

          - Jean Shepherd

Ron S.
Rhythm guitar and occasional bongos

Born in Brooklyn , raised on Long Island

Musical influences-Joe Strummer, George Harrison, Pete Townsend and Greg Brady

Favorite quote:
“Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friends “
                          -John Lennon